The purpose of the North Carolina Baptist Men is to help Christians share the love of Jesus by praying, giving, going and becoming actively involved in missions with their time and talents. We strive to make Christians aware of human needs and to provide opportunities to help meet those needs wherever they exist.


        Men are Strategic!  A recent survey shows that if a child is the first person in the family to accept Christ and join the church, the rest of the family will do the same only 3.5% of the time. If the mother is the first, that percentage goes to 17%. But if the father is the first to accept Christ and join the church, the rest of his family will follow 93% of the time!


        An international ministry designed to reach men for Christ will help a church not   only reach men, but also strengthen families and the church. Our desire at Cumberland  Baptist Church is to see men and families reached for Christ. We want to help the men of our church take up the challenge of living a Christ-filled life in all areas of their lives - home, work, and church.


        Too often, Baptist Men's groups in churches are lopsided, focusing more on "Ministry By Men" and not enough on "Ministry To Men". Both are important. A vibrant, life-changing men's ministry is one that looks to do four things:


                Evangelize Men to Church Membership

                Establish Men to Spiritual Maturity

                Equip Men for Ministry within the Church

                Extend Men on Mission in the Community and Throughout the World


For more information, please contact Pastor Cliff at 910-580-1333 or Email