Cumberland Baptist Media Center



Child Reading


The Media Center is in its fourth year of operation. It houses a wide assortment of spiritual and wholesome media material for its patrons. We are committed to serving our patrons and count it a joy to search for titles and materials upon request.


The holdings number about 1500 items which include a general collection of books, reference tools, about 200 DVDs, 50 VHS movies and 23 audio tapes. The children's collection is rich with Bible stories and books. Many titles have been secured for teachers.


In addition to printed and audio visual materials, we have equipment such as portable DVD and cassette players for loan. Kits (games) are available for adult and children checkout. Southern Baptist magazines as well as periodicals and pamphlets can be found on various subjects.


The Media Center is open continuously and operates on an HONOR system for check-outs and returns

Child Reading